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A Classic Example of ‘Don’t Read the Comments.’

This post was pointed out to me earlier today, and while it was a great entry/interview with Kris Anka about costume design, scrolling further down and reading comments was nothing short of infuriating.

It’s depressing to think that a very vocal minority of the audience think a certain way about characters and costumes. The new Psylocke design has become a point of contention.

The character is a telepathic ninja. Her previous outfit is a fucking bikini, and while it looked cool for a time, it just looked ridiculous if you think of the context behind the character, but yes, complete eye candy.

Anka redesigned her and gave her something akin to a catsuit, which works perfectly for the character. And you know what? It’s STILL sexy. Also? She looks like a complete bad ass.

Sexy isn’t defined by how much skin is exposed. It’s about how the character acts and how a character carries their look.

  1. notgoingtohelp said: I learned long ago to never look at the comments. It ruins the good mood that an article like that can bring you.
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    I personally love Psylocke’s new look. Much more ninja-esk than the weirdo outfit before….
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    Amen.I kinda liked the purple bikini look, but it’s over twenty years old now. If she were Batman then I could see a...
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