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I'm a writer, illustrator and podcaster based out of San Diego, CA. I also dabble in photography and way too many other activities to list.

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Regarding Colorists and Conventions…

I’ve always admired the role of a colorist in the creation of a comic book. They wield the power to make a bad page look incredible, they help make the details pop out of the page, and they help establish the mood and the setting of a story with the palette they choose.

They are every bit as important to the creative process as an illustrator.

They deserve to be treated as such.

So, if you happen to run a convention and don’t consider these folks an equal to a writer or an artist, chances are, I won’t be giving your convention any business.

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    It’s for the reasons you state that cover colorists actually are paid more than cover illustrators, since it’s just one...
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    ROFL, when did you install it? If it’s been awhile, man…the internet must have been a more interesting than normal place...
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    i used to think that colorists were every bit as important as the artist in making books good, but then once i saw...
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  9. daveloves90scomics said: Holy shit, in today’s comics world the colorist is more important than some artists or writers.
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    Gail, check here
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    I think it has to do with Jordie Bellaire’s piece about an unnamed convention refusing to book colourists as comic...
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    Wait, what is this about? Who is dissing colorists?
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