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Loikamania Bonus Show: Matt and Hawkguy!

Direct download HERE.

As a special bonus this week, we have the return of Matt Fraction to talk about all things Hawkeye (or Hawkguy if you like)! We go over some writing process, and what makes Clint Barton such a great character in the Marvel Universe. We also talk about issue 7, that’s due out in January. Issue 7 is a special issue that deals with the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Also, be sure to listen all the way to the end for a special giveaway…

Here’s a message from Matt: “So we blew up our schedule on HAWKGUY just a little bit to work a special issue into our schedule — #7, January, is now a book told in halves, each about Hurricane Sandy and our intrepid Hawkguys (or Lady Hawkguy if you prefer) dealing with Things. Clint finds himself helping an evacuation in Far Rockaway; Kate is in a fancy dress stuck in a hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

STEVE LIEBER handles the Clint half; JESSE HAMM, the Kate half. They are geniuses and are perfect partners for this endeavor.

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

Here’s the thing: at Marvel I am paid performance-based incentives. The better my books sell, the nicer the check is, when the nice check comes.

I’m donating all of my incentives from the sales of HAWKGUY #7 to the Red Cross.

The better the sales on the issue, the bigger the check I write.

Team HAWKGUY? You guys have been amazing — vocal and visible and amazing in your support of our book. I hate to ask you for anything more, but maybe this one, maybe issue 7, tell your comic shop to hold you *two* copies? Give one to somebody not reading the book maybe, I dunno. It’ll only help HAWKEYE and you’ll be making the check bigger.

And if you hate HAWKGUY, or the character, or me or my books? Tell your shop to hold you TEN for all I care. Make the check hurt to write!

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

The order code is NOV120725. Give that to your comic shop, tell them how many you want, and they’ll take care of you.

I’m gonna be as loud and as visible as I can with this. Thanks for your patience with me in advance.”

Once again, the order code is NOV120725, and the final order cut-off date is December 17. Order a copy, order five, do what you can to help the Red Cross.

Matt’s website:
Matt’s twitter:
Matt’s tumblr workblogs
Satellite Sam –
F4/FF –

Donate to the RED CROSS.

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