My name is Pat Loika.

I'm a writer, illustrator and podcaster based out of San Diego, CA. I also dabble in photography and way too many other activities to list.

This is where I do my personal blogging, with random thoughts, nonsense, art and photos.


Loikamania 098: Comic-Con Pre-Game

This week, Pat is joined by Simon and Sheldon from Comic Impact in this special pre-SDCC podcast crossover event! We talk about our favorite SDCC memories, share stories, and talk about what we’re excited about from this year’s con. PLUS: Pat and Adam discuss the Marvel NOW announcement from this week. We weigh in with our thoughts on the creative teams and titles announced, and basically tell everyone to relax.

Cover by Chris Maze. Music by Steve Earnhart and The National!

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Adam’s podcast: Comics Will Break Your Heart

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