My name is Pat Loika.

I'm a writer, illustrator and podcaster based out of San Diego, CA. I also dabble in photography and way too many other activities to list.

This is where I do my personal blogging, with random thoughts, nonsense, art and photos.


Loikamania 095: The AvX Special!

This week, Pat is joined by Travis Holyfield as we talk about Marvel’s big summer event, Avengers vs. X-Men. We start off with a debate on which side of the fight is truly right, with Pat representing the X-Men, and Travis rooting for those gaudily clad fascists known as the Avengers. We follow it up by discussing the entirety of act 1 of the event, talking about the plot, our favorite bits, and some tie-in talk as well. A very fun and spirited debate, so check it out!

Get the show at the link above, through Comic Impact, or through iTunes!

Music by Alan Silvestri and Henry Jackman. Cover illustration by Jimmy Cheung, Mark Morales and Justin Ponsor, design by Chris Maze.

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